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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sexy Shoes

Today the wonderful Rowan Carroll, owner of She's so Unusual Shoes, shared with yours truly an exclusive copy of her soon to be released wedges. These shoes fit wonderfully, and have some very lovely texture work. My favorite feature of these shoes is their versatility. They Come in multiple colors,and are cute enough to be worn with a pair of Capri's, sexy enough to be worn with a latex catsuit, and formal enough to wear beneath your ball gown. In the Photos below you can see them from multiple views, as well as a zoom in so you can see the intricate details on the wedge portion. If you are looking for a good pair of shoes, or a pair a little bit on the silly side, and you are tired of paying an arm and a leg for shoes you spend 3 days modifying, run by Shes so Unusual. This is my third or fourth pair of Rowans creations, and everyone of them has fit my foot like a glove.

Above: Peep toe Wedges in "eggplant"

Pictured Above: Peep Toe Wedges in Organic

Pictured Above: Peep Toe Wedges in Papaya

Pictured above: Intricate Detail work on the wedges

Saturday, March 21, 2009


It's time for Sarra's Second Life Fashion 101! In this cute little number I'm showing my support for the troops, and look just darn sexy! The hair/cap is a new item out at truth and at a great price of 325L for a fat pack...for those of you who have gone hair shopping as much as I know that's a darn fair price. The dress is a little number I picked up at dutch touch a few months ago. Now for those of you who say Sarra your color patterns don't match..let me clue you in on a secret from my real life..I was a Marine..and allot of the times our covers (caps) were a different shade than the if its not perfect its just that more realistic! Anyway just thought I would throw up this snapshot and a brief description of what it is so you can see just how using different designers to put together a cute outfit can coordinate so well!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Go Karts

Another adventure in Second Life featuring yours truly Sarra! So I found myself sitting on my deck again tonight looking for something new to do and just chatting with a few of my friends, when Tristan invited me to go kart. I went over to the track at and after waiting a few minutes for things to appear, grabbed my ride from the go kart rezzer and headed to the starting line. Well everything started out great on the straight track, but then I ran into just about everything out there, and even got ran over once, but at least I looked sexy doing it! I had a blast with it and if your looking to get away from the Second Life fashion scene, or the adult activities that are all over the grid..try out the karts yourself..its free!


You all know that I strive to bring fun and adventure into your Second Lives, so here is yet another one of my explorations! I was sitting on my deck..seems to be a common theme with me deck sitting...when I said Sarra, lets have ourselves an adventure. I wanted this adventure to be totally blogable, so I strayed away from my normal foray's into the adult sims and hit up the search box. While I was browsing the showcase I happened upon SCUBA. Now those of you who know me know that I just absolutely love the of course the opportunity to go diving in March was just awesome. I popped over to the Scuba center, explored a bit, had my normal run in with the flirty noob, and got myself outfitted. As much as I would love to say everyone go diving, sadly this hobby is not for the poor. A basic SCUBA kit cost me 590L, and for those of you who want to go all out the better and fancier equipment will cost you a lot more. You ask "Why do I need the gear, I can breathe underwater in SL without it" well..its like being a little kid and playing dress up! Not only is the costume cute as a button, it includes the fin waddle and swimming animations. I chose to go dive at my friend Saki's beach club as opposed to Dive World, as I was a first time Diver and didn't want to swim into anyone...all in all it was really fun, the costume was cute as hell and I totally recommend going for a swim if you have the Lindens for it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My thoughts on the Avatar Rendering Cost and Lag

Every Avatar in Second Life has whats called an Avatar Rendering Cost. What that is basically is how hard a graphics card has to work to make you appear. You ask ok so whats the big deal? Well that lag we all complain about is due in part to your ARC. The downside to looking good! There are ways to lower this without sacraficing too much of your looks. If you wear a high prim, heavily textured piece of jewlry, take it off. Change your poofy skirts and fancy 200 prim heels for a simple pair of sneakers and jeans when your out hunting or shopping in popular stores. Another tip for cutting lag...your Hud attachments are all scripted...the server the sim is on has to process all of those scripts. If its not in use pull it off, you dont need your chim or your radars to shop, take off your weapons and the controls for them if your a roll player outside of your roll plays. If everyone follows these simple steps we can go a long way to making shopping in our favorite spots just a little bit easier. We can never get rid of the lag, but we can do our part not to add to it!

Relay for Life is ON!!

Relay for Life officially kicked off this morning yay! This is a wonderful cause my friends and I are proud to be a part of. I ask you my faithful readers to help us help the American Cancer Society in its fight of this dreaded disease,and support them in all they do to support those affected by it. You ask how can I, one little avatar do anything to help? Well that is easy! You find me or any other relayer inworld and you ask for a vendor if you sell things, and a kiosk if you have a place to put one. You can stop by any participating location and drop a few lindens into a donation kiosk. Mine is presently located outside the team antidote hq @ Yet another way a little avatar can make a big difference is to visit the relay website at and attend some of the events listed there and once again part ways with a few lindens. 5l is not a big some for one person. but 5l from many goes along way to help this cause. Every person in the world has been affected by cancer in some way. Lets do our part to help change that. Go Relay!! Peace and Love Sarra Foggarty

Friday, March 13, 2009

Holy Blinging Bootie Batman!!

Out of boredom I decided to go and give the grid wide random hunt a shot. I was cruising along, grabbed oh the first thirteen items, and then I followed the landmark to this place called 4evah gutta. Now this appears to be a rather interesting, and popular store, as it took awhile to rez. I pulled off to the side so I wasn't blocking the door when the store started to shake. I looked over and I saw this woman with a fidgety ao lighting the way. You can see she is not a what the fug reader or she would have spotted the many tutorials on how to make a shape curvy without being all out of proportion. While I am not big on the whole your shape has to be within certain parameters thing, I do have personal rules about bling! Bling is never necessary, and it can ruin a cute accessory. I loved the bracelets she was wearing, and if they came with the option of turning off the tacky, Id rock them myself. I do like the color coordination between her shirt and shoes, but I would have chose a different color, but I personally don't like wearing lime green. While her belt and other prims are adjusted relatively well,I wasnt big on the whole blinging tease belt. All in all, shes not the worst blinging bootie babe on the grid, but she was enough to catch my camera.

An important it please

Ok I found this Video on my friend Tristans blog, and I think it is important enough to share. Watch it please!

Friday Fun!

It all started with a midnight mania board....I had just logged on for the evening sitting on my deck as I often do to gather my bearings and read my "mail" from the time I spent in the real world, when out of the darkness I hear a call to sign up for a you tube tv. Who can resist you tube! Anyway I hop on the link and find myself in a land called toastyville. After a few minutes of standing around waiting for sl to reveal things to me I find myself in a quaint little mobile home park. This is normally where I would say pass me the jack daniels, light me a lucky strike and start the dueling banjos, but not here. This is the first time I can say it without choking that the trailer park was durn cute!. So I run over to this little shop register for the tv, that is the purpose of my journey after all, and then a giant cupcake appears before me. Of course I am unable to resist cupcakes, or cookies or anything chocolaty, so I enter to explore, and its about the sexiest cupcake I have ever seen. This cozy little place is run by a couple of my fellow Cyanide Girls, Lunna and Druzy, and it is most definetly epic win! I recomend checking it out...after you have eaten cuz otherwise..youll just be hungry lol. Just grab hold of this SLurl ( ) and pop over to a cute little shopping adventure!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Love

So all of my friends are blogging about what they love on this thursday is mine! I love my Second Life friends. Well actully they are more then friends they are my second family. I love that when my life falls apart they are there to help me pick up the pieces. I love that they put up with my oddness. I love to write my blog. I love to shop! I love my rl daughter and I love Love! lol this is just a lil Love show the love and keep it going fellow blog nuts!

(pictured my Tiny Empires Queen Tristan Micheline!!!!!!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Imprudence Tutorial

Ok so yesterday I wrote how much I loved Imprudence, but didn't really give a good explanation on the differences from a normal Second Life viewer. Here it is. In Imprudence the first thing you will notice is a change in your pie menu. It is nothing drastic, but the Imprudence people added a couple of handy buttons to allow you to get into your inventory or edit appearance when you right click an attachment on yourself. Don't fear if you just want to adjust the prim your wearing, if you click on more, it brings you to the edit slice.

Another change you will notice is an added tab called "worn items" in your inventory. That one is self explanatory, so I will run over it briefly. It is a quick access tab for you to look at and remove the items you are wearing at present. That little feature is great for someone who changes clothes frequently, or a model in a runway show, you can change your outfit by adding the new outfit folder to you, then zip over to worn items and remove whatever is left of your old outfit. In addition to the worn Items tab, Imrpudence has added a quick filter drop down to the top of the inventory, so if you are looking for say, a notecard, you can filter out all of the other items in your inventory and just view the notecards, makes it nice and easy to dig and clean once you are the owner of a large inventory. (photo above)

Changes to the preference menu are also snuck in by the folks who designed this viewer. If you go to edit, then preferences, you will notice that they have imported some options into the general tab found only in the advanced menu in a normal SL viewer. Here you can set your afk time out and adjust the size of your user interface. Moving down the tabs you will find something called input and camera. In there you can disable your camera constraints...very handy if you like participating in all of the grid wide hunts. Moving further down under the Web tab, you can select whether to open links in an external browser such as Internet Explorer, or in the internal browser. I recommend using the internal browser so those SLurls don't act up on you. (photos above in order General, Input and camera, Web)
This is just a basic rundown on what I figured out using Imprudence, and I may have missed some stuff. Please feel free to comment on it and tell everyone what you have found. If you need more detailed information please visit the official site @

Its Raining Men.....

I was just sitting around the house, well down in my friends work area..My girl Jess is a builder, and a really talented one at that, getting ready to find blog material when from the sky fell a man! I was meddling around in search from out of nowhere came a translator bot saying "Hello Sarra", I turn around and there is the man from above! It turns out that my airborne guest is a rather polite frenchman, and he showered me in compliments, and then invited me to his mansion..every girls fantasy, soo I feel sort of bad pointing out his flaws lol. If you take a look at the picture you will see that the fallen angel has an affinity for capes, and not just any capes but the kind that glow! and I know the picture hasnt captured it but this gentlemen had a spot of bling that kept circling his head. If his fashion sense was as good as his manners he could make some lucky lady very happy.

A serious Post about Relay For Life

As most of you reading this are my friends, you already know that cancer has struck my SL family. In order support my dear friend in her fight I decided to gather together with my wonderfull coworkers at Cyanide and form a team to participate in the Second Life Relay for Life. Our team is called Team Antidote, and as the relay kicks off were going to be holding several events to raise funds to help the ACS with the fight. The reason I am posting tonite is twofold, first of all I would like to thank the people who are already supporting us and RFL, and to beg those of you who are not to contribute in anyway they can. We will have donation kiosks at several sights, and every Linden dollar anyone can spare is a great help. The second reason I am posting this plea is to get your ideas on events that you would attend. At this time I have lined up some very talented DJ's and even a live singer who have donated there time to our events. Please leave a comment with any ideas you have, and stay tuned for updates on our kiosk locations and event schedule. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day :D

From Drab to Fab Redux

Ok sooo Saki finaly got me the list of where she got her clothing so..I'm going to keep this one short and sweet and just get you the List!

On Saki:
Hair- Savior for $2L ( )

Neko Gear and outfit- Neko Vamp Warehouse on Alderney island ( )

Shades- Raybans for 10L ( )

Shoes- Gransy Fashion ( )

Skin- Avi Avi ( )

Tats- Prozak found at Emprasarro (

Total Cost: $12L

Ok so Saki totally beat me on Price..but I will leave it up to my loyal fan to decide whether or not Saki or Sarra wins the ultimate from drab to fab Prize!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Imprudence is awesome sauce!

OK so I complained about the SLim Viewer, but I have to give props to the folks who developed Imprudence. It is a viewer that takes about 5 minutes to get used to because of a few added tabs, but it is Stable!! Not only is it very stable, it is just so darn easy to use. Second Life is my addiction and a major cause of me pulling out my hair so I am always on the lookout for anything that makes my experience easier. Imprudence does this by adding a few simple buttons to your inventory, and a few options to your preferences so you don't have to hunt for them like you do in the other SL viewer. Imprudence is my viewer of choice now and I recomend it to anyone who is frustrated with there current SL experience. Imprudence can be downloaded at Download it love it spread the word and thank the wonderful people who took the time to create this!

SL Epic Fail!!

So today I try and get one of those fancy new second life viewers, this one was the SLim First Look.
It downloaded all pretty, got the gadget for talking to my friends without having to log into the system resource hogging viewer, all without a hitch. I thought it would be epic win, because I love connecting with my virtual friends....but no. As soon as I logged into Second Life I got the good old windows crash box telling me that SL Voice app has failed and needs to close. I figure a reboot would fix everything, so I close out the 200 things I'm working on and go through the 20 minute reboot process. The computer finally comes back up and I log back into SLim and what do you know...the crash box that I have such a good relationship with comes back! All I can say is the Slim adventure gets my EPIC FAIL stamp.

The From Drab to Fab Challenge!

So Saki and I were sitting around bored this morning and we decided what better way to kill a couple hours than with some good old fashioned shopping. Then we added a twist..we went back to the old basic first day in Second Life Avatar. As if that wasn't bead enough we allowed ourselves 20 lindens a piece to do it, and we couldn't dig into our vast inventories for even a landmark, nope it was 100% via the SL search. I'm going to post some photos here and then I Will give you lovely people a link to where you can pick up the very same hotness that we found.

OK so this is our "normal look, that's me on the left, and Saki on the right

We went from this which pretty much every female starts with at some point.

After a few hours of shopping, we managed to come up with this. No it is nowhere near our normal selves, but the challenge was 20 L lol. I would like to thank the designers who took the time to design all of this stuff and then let us have it for free. Now that the gratitude is out of the way, let me get you the lists of whats what and where to get it!

On Saki:
Ill have to fill you in because she took off for the day without telling me where she got all of her fabulous things. That by default makes me challenge winner!

On me:
N' Curl Hair from Analog Dog ( ) cost: 1L

Skin shape and Eyes: Laqroki free gift ( ) No cost.

Dress Nyte n Day Gift available only at the Gnubie store ( ) Once again totally free!

Tattoos are from Mashienenwerk ( )
No charge...score!

Shoes: House of Curios Chunky stilleto pumps ( ) 10L my big splurge of the challenge

and my favorite piece is a bracelet from Anadem Fashions ( ) a great accessory for only 1L

My total Cost was 14L I picked up a few other items on the challenge that just didn't make the final cut, nothing wrong with them, I just couldn't Coordinate within our rules!
What you ask is the point in this? It is to show the world that with just a couple of hours of work and a minimal investment that you to can go from drab to fab! In future editions of cheap chic...Ill do the same thing as a man, and cant wait to get a challenge from my loyal reader!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My first Post YAY!

Ok so my girl Saki has been pushing me to blog for awhile now so here I am. What will you find here? Well Your going to find coming up in future posts advice on how to outfit your Avatar for a low price. You are going to get exposed to large doses of my friends and our crazy fun! I may even be running around the grid with my camera looking for your fashion disasters so watch out! Without further Ado Welcome to Sarra's Second Life!!!